BOTTLE of spirit  £25

with 4 mixers,
cups & ice

choose: gin/vodka/rum


for top shelf spirits ask at bar for price


JD & COKE can   £4

or 4 for £15


BOTTLE of wine  £16

with cups [& ice on request]




2 Bottles for   £5

Selected bottles
Ask at Bar



Our premium vodka selection is sourced from all over the world.   Mix it up, sip it on the rocks or get a bottle served to your table like a Superstar....


Smirnoff Red 37.5%

Zubrowka Vodka 40%

Ketel One Vodka 40%

Grey Goose 40%

Smirnoff Apple 37.5%

Smirnoff Vanilla 37.5%

Smirnoff Gold  37.5%

Absolut Citroen 40%

Absolut Raspberry 40%

Absolut Mango 40%


Guest Vodkas are regularly seen on the bar,  so if you fancy a change [quick change artists required], please ask a member of staff for

the Special...  maybe it'll become your new favourite !



Gin-spired and eclectic selection of some very fine Gins. If it doesn't pass our 'taste test' it's not getting on our bar !

See if you think we've got it just right...


Gordons 37.5%

Bombay Sapphire 40%

Hendricks 41.5%

Tanqueray 10 47.3%

Tanqueray Sevilla Orange 41.3%

Gin Mare Mediterranean 42.7%

Puerto De Indias Strawberry 37.5%

Boodles Mulberry  30%

Boe Violet 41.5%

Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin  43%

Egertons Pomegranate 43%


Let the day BeGIN

Every Sunday choose any of our gins, with a tonic or mixer of your choice for

only £5.   Weekly Guest Gins included.



Aged, spiced, dark or as light hearted as they come, each one can be served on the rocks, neat or mixed and muddled into our cocktails.


Lambs Spiced Rum 37.5%

Cpt. Morgans Spiced 37.5%

Old J Spiced 35%

Tikki Lovers Pineapple 45%

Kraken Rum 40%

Goslings Black Seal 40%

Deadmans Fingers 37.5%

Bumbu Rum  37.5%

Mount Gay Black Barrel  40%

Bacardi Carta Blanca 37.5%

Malibu 21%

Wray&Nephew 63%



From single malt whiskies to Bourbon.

Blended malts and Aged Rye...  We consider ourselves the connoisseurs and bring you bottles from around the world.


Jack Daniels 40%

Jack Daniels Honey 35%

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack 40%

Canadian Club whisky blend 41.3%

Monkey Shoulder Scotch whisky blend 40%

Chivas Regal Scotch whisky blend 40%

Glenlivet Scotch whisky single 40%

Bushmills Black Irish whisky single 40%

Bulleit Rye Bourbon 45%

Makers Mark Bourbon 45%

Knob Creek Bourbon 50%

Southern Comfort 35%

Fireball 35%



Got that air of self awareness.... Not bothered if your favourite isn't 'trending'. Well, we've got you covered with a range of spirits to tempt & please even the fussiest drinkers !


Courvoisier 40%

Hennessey Cognac 40%

Remy Martin 40%

Armanac Brandy 40%

Cherry or Apricot Brandy 24%

Archers Peach Schnapps 18%

Cointreau 40%

Chambord 16.5%

Midori 20%

Tia Maria  20%

Baileys  17%

Baileys Chocolate 17%


Tiburtina Sambucca  38%

Jagermeister 35%

Amaretto Disoranno  28%

Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila 38%

Apple or Cherry Sourz 15%

Triple Sec 38%

Absinthe  55%


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