BEER & cider on tap



A clean, light and refreshing taste with a crisp finish. Every Coors Light is cold lagered, cold filtered and cold activated to deliver The World's Most Refreshing Beer.


Enjoy with friends, a bowl of nachos and great music. Life is happy.




Pravha is a lighter tasting pilsner with an unexpectedly crisp, light and refreshing taste.


Enjoy with a 'Can't Decide' board to impress your friends.



Crafted uniquely using a double hopping brewing process this Lager has a clean, biscuity malt character with hints of vanilla and tangy mild onions.


Perfect for cheese boards or creamy dishes and totally Vegetarian !




A traditional Czech Pilsner, brewed using the finest ingredients including premium Czech hops.

It has a fine hoppy, slightly fruity aroma and a refreshing, well-balanced taste.


Enjoy a Staropramen on its own or as a delicious partner to our Chilli or Beef Burgers.


GUINNESS draught


Rich and creamy. Distinctively black. Velvety in its finish. This iconic beer is sweet smelling with a coffee and malty nose.


Gorgeous paired with one of our Hotdogs !





Stowford Press is made with 100% local, home-pressed apples from blossom to glass.

A sparkling medium dry cider with the refreshing flavour of crisp apples.


Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.



Belgian Style Wheat Beer, brewed with Orange Peel and Coriander for a subtle sweetness.

The wheat gives a smooth, creamy body &

a subtle sweetness on the pallet


Perfect with our Italian Job chicken burger.



A hugely popular IPA, and Franciscan Well’s answer to the growing demand for IPA style beers.

IPA’s are traditionally high hopped to deliver intense bitterness that lingers on the palate.


Great with fried chicken.



A perfectly balanced beer combining subtle yet complex flavours. It is both satisfying and deliciously moreish with spicy resinous hop, sweet roasted malts & a balanced, succulent dried fruit finish.


Enjoy with any of our Hot Dogs !




Venture off around the world with our excellent selection of beers & ciders.


And, of course, we’ve got bottled beers & cider too. Because, an apple a day and all that…


And, of course, we’ve got bottled and draught cider too. Because, an apple a day and all that…

Coors Light   4.2%

Pravha 5%

Grolsch  5%

Staropramen 5%

Stowford Press 4.5%

Blue Moon 5.4%

Chieftain 5.5%

Doom Bar  4.2%

Guinness 4.2%


Guest Ales & Stouts

Ask at the pump for this weeks wonderful offering....


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